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One Health Mycology

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Front cover: The estate of the medieval castle Waardenburg is a buffer in the densely populated western Netherlands and has become a hotspot of biodiversity.

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Volume 1

Introducing a new journal: One Health Mycology

Sybren de Hoog
One Health Mycology 1: 3 (2023). 

Opportunistic yeasts on stored apples: A One Health perspective

Ayşe Sultan Karakoyun, Nevzat Ünal, Banu Metin, Esra Yıldırım Servi, Bram Spruijtenburg, Muhammed Alper Özarslan, Ramazan Gümral, Aylin Döğen, Macit Ilkit, Hazal Kandemir, Jacques F. Meis, Çağrı Ergin, and Sybren de Hoog
One Health Mycology 1: 4-13 (2023).

Forthcoming papers

  • A phylogenetic overview of ascomycetous yeasts with distribution of Candida species.
  • Concepts of a healthy society: fungal diseases from origin, detection, and monitoring to prevention and antifungal therapy.
  • Veterinary mycotoxins produced by species of Aspergillaceae.
  • Fungal diseases in bony versus cartilaginous fish, illustrated by an outbreak.
  • The potential role of nanoparticles in the therapy of chromoblastomycosis.
  • The other Black Fungi: opportunists in the order Pleosporales.
  • Fungi between allergy and infection.
  • Uncommon fungi and their clinical significance. 

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